We have within the current Uniface assignment file the ability to reference preset Uniface variables such as usysadm that translate into a value or in this case a file structure. We would like to make non-uniface system variables accessible in a similar manner.

Use Case

As an example much like the current abbreviation of usysadmin:wasv.asn might translate internally to something like: c:usys93admwasv.asn possibly we could have something like sysvar:$home:wasv.asn would read the system variable setting for $home and as with the uniface variable add that path to wasv.asn


Where parts of the assignment file relates to specifics of a logged on user it is normal convention to make separate assignment files. Sometimes this is possible but where the required characteristics rely on a specific user setup this can lead to an unacceptable number of custom assignments and/or complex use of various #file includes.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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