Greater dynamic control over the visual appearance of the tab control

Use Case

1. Allow images to be included in the valrep of a tab control (as is currently possible with dropdown lists & listboxes). (CLOSED: Introduced in Uniface 9.6) 2. Allow the background/foreground colour of each tab to be set individually. (CLOSED: Introduced in Uniface 9.6) 3. Allow a close button to be added on the right of each tab (as in Firefox) - perhaps firing an extended trigger. (CLOSED: Introduced in 9.6.04)


These features would help bring a modern look & feel to existing applications.


Windows GUI

Operating System




3 thoughts on “TabEx widget: Close Button on Tab”

  1. Status=Closed

    In 9.6.04 the close (or something else) button on the tabex has been introduced.

    The TabEx widget now supports a customizable tab button that executes an extended trigger, onTabButton, when clicked. You can use this to implement a Close button (for example) on each tab.

    The following properties are added:

    • TabButton—determines whether a tab button is added to the tabs
    • TabButtonImg—specifies an image for the tab button
    • TabButtonImgHover—specifies an image when the mouse cursor hovers over the tab button




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