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3 Things People are Saying about Uniface 9.6

Uniface 9.6 is now generally available (GA), here what customers are saying about the newest version:


“Uniface 9.6 will allow us to take our client server apps to an entirely new level. The availability of a modern, functional user experience is a critical application feature, and Uniface 9.6 enables us to achieve this.”
James Kutrubs, Software Development Manager, CourtView Justice Solutions


“Minnesota State Colleges and Universities are very much looking forward to the upcoming release of Uniface 9.6. We are currently in the process of porting Uniface client/server functionality to a web presentation using Uniface 9.4.  The enhanced JavaScript capabilities available in the 9.6 release will provide greater flexibility and more functionality in the UI layer.”
Dave Willford, Development Team Supervisor, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.


“Uniface 9.6 is really a best-of-breed development platform in the market place. It is one of very few development tools that remains Operating System (OS) and Database (DB) independent, while at the same time allowing you to take advantage of the strength of every technology environment available. It leverages:
-The stability of a Linux/Unix OS,
-The strength of the most reliable databases,
-The usability of Windows and MacOS GUIs alike.

In addition:
-It is completely Cloud and mobile deployment enabled,
-And it includes robust external languages for web development.

All the technology above is at your fingertips while remaining Uniface specific and enabling productive development of actual functioning applications. The bottom line is that, with Uniface 9.6 the impossible becomes possible!”
Jean-Luc Lejoly, Manager – Sysmex HITS Software Development