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The Business Case for Modernization (Infographic)


Enterprise Application Modernization has been one of the central themes for our user events, and also with a lot of the new features in Uniface 9.6 it is a topic that a lot of our customers are considering as well.  We have recently published a new white paper, authored by Ton Blankers, on the different approaches to application modernization, you can read it here.  The infographic below outlines the different business cases that present reasons for modernizing.




Deploying your Uniface App to the Web can be Easy


We are seeing a lot of interest around Uniface web apps and notice that many Uniface customers and users don’t know of Uniface JTi, a tool to deploy your existing applications to the web, without having to re-write, or redesign any of your application.  Too  good to be true? You can read here more in-depth about the JTi solution. The infographic below gives a high-level overview of how it works.