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This Week: Uniface Hosts Inaugural, Global Distributors and Resellers Conference 2014

Uniface’s Inaugural Global Distributors and Resellers Conference Entitled – “ABC = Always Be Closing”

Uniface is looking forward to its inaugural conference, which brings together its leading distributors and resellers from across the globe in Amsterdam this week.

Uniface is pleased to offer the chance to its distributors and resellers to attend the Inaugural Conference, which gives attendees a range of commercial and technical topics, over three intense days of sessions. These are all aimed to give maximum knowledge to key players in our global distributors and resellers’ network along with the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of our product and services, and develop enhanced partnerships within our partner ecosystem. The event aims to boost our understanding of distributors and resellers’ requirements by providing feedback opportunities on the range of benefits offered.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome this year’s attendees: Acenet Oy, Finland; ACRUX, Mexico; COMPUAMERICA C.A., Venezuela; Freelance Consultant, Italy; Icignus Tecnologia, Brazil; IT IS, The Netherlands; Labinf Sistemi, Italy; ONE1, Israel; Shanghai Yungoal Info Tech Co., Ltd, China; Sogeti, The Netherlands; TaKT, Japan; Techshire, India; Wizrom Software, Romania; XEE Tech – Mobilne Aplikacije d.0.0., Croatia.

For many businesses the future is c/s and mobile, not web

I was visiting one of our VAR customers in Lille, France this week to talk about modernizing their ERP packaged application.  It’s been around for over 20 years, and they’ve undergone several modernization projects.  What struck me though was their thoughts about moving the application to the web, or making parts of the application web enabled—well actually, their decision to not do this.

Their customer base is primarily made up of factories, and of course their ERP systems are mission-critical to their manufacturing process.  What is also critical is that their ERP app works as productively as possible—and having it on the web doesn’t allow that.  I think everyone knows, even by today’s standards, that only working on a browser can be frustratingly slow. Especially in a factory/manufacturing type environment, they don’t have the time to wait around for a browser to load, process, refresh, etc.

In fact, this customer does have a web app, so it’s not entirely the case that they have abandoned this approach. But only 10% of their customer base uses it and the other 90%, they predict, won’t move away from c/s anytime soon. So that’s where the investment in their product needs to be.

So this customer’s next step for modernizing their ERP app is to make certain pieces of functionality mobile-enabled and skip the web (at least for now). They are looking carefully at what types of functionality will make sense to be made available on mobile devices—who is going to use it and for what purpose? Where will they be and what will they need to access? And I suppose that goes with the whole “mobile first” philosophy, but it’s interesting to see the need for this in an enterprise environment, where c/s is alive and kicking—and will continue to be. Will that be the case for most business applications?

State of Independence


Sometimes people ask me how it is possible that the Uniface business is doing so very well and – despite an economic crises – is growing…

The main reason for this is the Business Unit structure we implemented in April 2009. This new “state of independence” changed a lot for us, especially in the things we focus on:

First we’re passionate about real innovation. You can only be credible as a supplier if you can deliver great products that add value to your existing customers’ day to day business. We are listening to what our customers want and make sure these wishes are somehow coming back into the product. Uniface 9.6 is the ultimate proof of this, many people consider this the best and most innovative Uniface version in the last 10 years!

Second is customer focus. We do things different now that we’re in the Business Unit setup. Our main thing is nurturing and collaborating with our existing customers and VARs. These are the companies and organizations that depend on us, are very loyal to us and therefore deserve the best service they can get. Therefore there is an enormous focus in our team on user-events, customer-roadshows, workshops and so on, all intended to explain and help our customers how to use Uniface in the best way possible. Or – to take it to the business level – make sure that our customers always get the best ROI out of Uniface.

Innovation and customer focus, that’s why we’re doing well. Simple, isn’t it?

Greetings from the Skies


So, I guess this is my first blog written at 30.000 feet…

What I love about North America is Gogo Flight, an Internet service which enables you use Wifi while you are traveling by plane. It’s so efficient to catch up with business instead of reading in flight magazines. Wish they had this in Europe as well. So I am updating my forecast data which is conveniently stored in the Cloud.

Speaking about the Cloud…

I am seeing some CEO’s of our VARs here this week and there’s one interesting thing I am seeing more and more. The decision to deploy Uniface applications in the Cloud is very often not in hands of the IT people anymore. Senior Management really sees Cloud Computing as a interesting way to save costs or – maybe more important – to expand market opportunities. Read more about it in this article on ZDnet.com

Greetings from the skies!


PS: Please let me know what landmark you think this is…