technical terms in a changing world

the world is changing and we should define some technical terms. I published this as an article, so I can decide what contributions I want to add to my article and what not. A free discussion is a totally different show.

Hi contributors to and all other members of this forum,

we have some vital changes in unifaceland and we have to set up
some technical terms to cope with the situation.

From my point of view we have:     this forum      the new business unit (lead by Aad van Schetsen)
uniface.lab      the people developing the tool Uniface in “the Lab” (Ton Blankers)
uniface.sales the new uniface salesforce

uniface.NORG national uniface organisation      uniface (german subsidiary)       uniface (netherlands subsidiary)

uug.*               the uniface user groups           uniface user group (germany)            uniface user group (netherlands)           uniface user group (united states)

uni.*               uniface network initiatives/groups (run by users etc. to “spread the word”)
uni.lin.UPN   “uniface professional network” on
uni.lin.CGC  “compuware global community” on
uni.XING.UU “Uniface Users” applied for at “XING”

ISECU             the independend self-employed craftsmen for uniface (aka theGuild)
dITo                 The “do IT ourself” initiative to offload wishes from “the lab” which can be implemented by 3rdparties.

Plus a couple of adresses you will find on the “Uniface Web Sites” link.

Success, Uli

P.S. If you want to add some technical terms, feel free to add your suggestions

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  1. Hi Uli,

    I would like to add uniface.linkedin –> The LinkedIn group that Theo and I are running. This group has two goals:
    1. Keeping Uniface professionals in the Uniface world and attracting newbees to it. This is done by a “Business Lounge” offering various RSS feeds from “vertical search engines” offering worldwide jobs with the word “Uniface” in it.
    2. Referring LinkedIn user to this community ( and the Google discussion group by forwarding RSS feeds from these two sources.

    If you have not visited our group lately, please take a look, we really are making an effort here!

  2. Hi Arjen, I started this article only to suggest technical-terms to avoid repeating “the new uniface organisation”, but while I wrote the list I scanned the articles in the forum and found other subjects like “the german usergroup” etc.

    As a lucky member of your linkedin group (i visit it at least weekly) it is no problem to add this; but there are 2 groups on linkedin, the “uniface professionals network” and the “compuware global community”, hope you and theo can agree on my shorthand. Thanks for your effort in spreading the news, have a not-too-hot weekend, Uli

    it is not

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