The North American User Event: Customer Views

It is always great to hear feedback from our customers and from the sounds of it, the North American Uniface User Group (NAUUG) event held last week in Las Vegas was very well received! Next up: Netherlands, France and Japan.

“Thank you for hosting us. The NAUUG was very informative and timely. The sessions devoted to 9.6 gave us a great idea of what is coming and we are excited to see that Compuware is adapting and innovating for the ‘now’ term. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to talk with and hear from other Uniface users and find out how other folks in the market are leveraging the tool. What can I say…the social aspect of the conference was amazing! You were great hosts and I plan to become a repeat attendee! I highly recommend the NAUUG to all developers and product managers working with Uniface.” Jenny Bunch, CourtView Justice Solutions

“First, thank you again for patient and repeated invitations to attend NAUUG 2012 event. Everything was great in Las Vegas – accommodation, food, and of course conference facilities.  More important, it was most interesting NAUUG event for last 10 years. We (and Uniface team as a part of us) spent two days to share our experience and discuss a future of our applications (and Uniface 10 is one of them). And I believe it was an excellent idea to “open” the Uniface lab doors to your customers/partners.” Iouri Smirnov, Blinco Systems Inc.

“I know we all enjoyed the conference. I thought there was a lot of very good information, and hearing what some of the other companies are doing is always nice. Overall, I enjoyed it more this year than last year because after the day was done at the meetings there was a lot you could do in town where last year the hotel was more isolated.” Jay Folk,Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

“I found the conference very helpful. It was very valuable to explore Uniface 9.6, and see all the new GUI tools Compuware has added to the product for us old time client server guys. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other Uniface users, and chat with them about how they use the tool, and find out their Uniface stories as well. Thanks so much, and we’ll definitely be back at future conferences.” James Kutrubs, Courtview Justice Solutions


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