The road to CU2008

In December 2008 the next global Uniface user event will take place. The Uniface Lab is currently finishing the next versions of Uniface, supporting easy deployment and the first beta phase of using Uniface for building Rich Internet Applications.

Last week the final Uniface user group meetings before the CU2008, took place. In Finland and Germany Uniface users got together and watched presentations and demo sessions from other Uniface users and representatives from the Uniface Lab.

In his Uniface presentation at the German user event Uniface VP Aad van Schetsen gave an update about the healthy status of Uniface, application development market trends and how these trends are translated into our vision for the coming releases of Uniface. Aad’s Uniface 2.0 vision was enthusiastically welcomed by a Uniface customer from Switzerland who made very clear he saw this vision as a true revival of Uniface, especially compared to Uniface visibility in the market in the past years.

The days of the user event were filled with workshops and presentations from Uniface experts explaining how they are using Uniface and what challenges and successes they encounter when building enterprise applications. During the Uniface product tour I had the opportunity to share the planned new functionality of Uniface 9.3 and 9.4 with the audience. The reception of these plans was very good but many of our customers were looking for more in depth info and demo’s of functionality like “easy deployment” and “web 2.0” application development.

Luckily for them information about Uniface 9.3, web 2.0 development and much more will be given at the next big Uniface event: the CU2008. The 2-year CU2 event will take place in downtown Amsterdam at December 1 and 2, 2008. At the CU2008 all new Uniface functionality will be shown in demo’s and workshops to all participants. At the 3rd day of the event a “hands on” masterclass will be organized where all participants have the opportunity to built a “RIA” with Uniface themselves. Also if there are question or requests for other sessions, we will be able to organize them on the spot. Because the CU2008 is held in Amsterdam, all developers from the Uniface Lab will be able to share their knowledge and experience with Uniface users from all over the world.

This means in the next 2 months the Uniface Lab will be very busy finishing Uniface 9.3 and the first beta phase of the web 2.0 development functionality of Uniface 9.4 plus all the demo material and the presentations for the CU2008.

First impressions really count so being the first to have access to building RIAs with Uniface is a unique opportunity for all you Uniface “addicts” out there. For more information on the CU200 please go to and register yourself. Look forward to see you at the Renaissance Hotel in December!

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