We are using time zones in our application. We have it set so the time is stored in the database as UTC time. The problem we are experiencing occurred when we switched from Standard Time to Daylight Time. Any times that were entered before the switch are now showing up as if they were entered an hour later than they were. The reason for this is how the time is converted to/from UTC time. For example: CST time is UTC -6 hours CDT time is UTC -5 hours. When a time is entered as 13:00 CST, it gets converted to UTC as 19:00 (CST +6). When the time gets displayed while still in CST, it is correctly adjust back to 13:00 (UTC -6). However, the issue our customers are facing is when they now want to view that time after the time change. So now it’s CDT and when the time is displayed, it is adjusted to 14:00 (UTC -5). They are seeing this as the wrong time even though it was adjusted correctly based on the time zone. What we would like to see is the time displayed as it was entered as long as they are still in Central Time. If they enter in a time of 13:00 whether in CDT or CST, it should always display as 13:00 no matter if you view it in CDT or CST.

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