We require the ability to be able to lock widgets into relative positions on forms, so that if the form is maximized or resized, the widget remains in relatively the same position. For example, we always have a cancel button in the bottom left hand side of our forms. If you resize or maximize the form, the button no longer remains in this position. We work around this at the moment with the use of splitbars. Unfortunately, this is not a particularly neat way of doing it. We often get issues where we need to remove registry settings of forms as the positions of the fields are not correct. Also, the ability to move the position of fields at runtime is not permissable when split bars are painted on a form

Use Case

\\\"Currently you can attache widgets to the 4 borders of the window. I think there could be another property called something like \\\"\\\"Maintain Size\\\"\\\" which would mean that the widget would be locked to the selected window borders, but would maintain it\\\'s painted size. This would effectively mean that you could force a widget to remain in it\\\'s relative position on a form\\\"


I would rate this as being of medium importance, and provides a much neater way of keeping widgets in their relative positions


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Operating System




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  1. Status=Closed
    New values have been created for the ATTACH property allowing relative positioning.

    Uniface 9.6.03 (9.6.02 plus service pack MX02) makes it much easier to respond to changes in the layout resulting from form windows being resized and split bars being moved.

    The Attach to Window Border (ATTACH) widget property has been significantly enhanced.
    New values enable you to choose whether to resize attached widgets, or maintain the same size and simply move the widget with the border or split bar.

    A new extended trigger is available on the Form Container and Tabex widgets.
    The Resized trigger allows you to control the response of the widget when the widget is resized.
    For example, you could display a different component when the size is larger or smaller than a specified size.

    The Radio Group widget now also supports the Attach and AttachMargin properties.

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