Two basic functions which would be of use. 1. $tree_path(,) - return the nodes traversed to reach the item from root. I.e. the \'folder\' path of the item. 2. $tree_children(,) - return the immediate (1 level deep) child nodes/leaves of a given tree node.

Use Case

Both functions would return a uniface list of tree widget nodes and leaves. This information is currently available where the full $fieldvalrep is available, but is slow to generate for large trees as it requires a full scan of the entire tree


Currently the tree widget is not easy to use or navigate if the programmer wants to update the data on an ongoing basis. The methods for updating the valrep cause the information as to the current values displayed in the tree to become hidden, and therefore other information has to be maintained in parallel, and this can easily become out of date. These mods would allow the programmer to maintain the current contents of the tree with some degree of accuracy.


Windows GUI

Operating System




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