Allowing trigger at entity level where uocc id acting as AttributeOnly widget should simplify HTML layout of DSP.

Use Case

- In a multi occurrence list we need to surround the occurrence with a AttributeOnly wigdet which overload the HTML layout. - In a table we have to surround each field with another AttributeOnly wigdet.


This should let build HTML layout in a more natural way, with less complicated and more light structure.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



One thought on “Trigger at entity level for DSP”

  1. IMHO each object should be a DIV and we should have a way to use $occproperties() and $entityproperties() more or less like we are using $fieldproperties() as of 9.7.01. Attributes set available could be different at various level but in this way we are not forced to overload HTML with too many fields connected to AttributesOnly widget.

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