\"\"\"on Procerror\"\" at component-level should act as \"\"on Error\"\". Today ProcErrors must be handled in a very old fashion way. You have to add code after EACH proc-statement to watch $status/$procerror. Ok, there is a common code-style to wrapp an (include)proc around each \"\"activate\"\" - but what\'s about calling a proc ? normally you cannot watch each \"\"call\"\" status, would be overkill. see also item 242 on the c-b-g wishlist:\"

Use Case

\"If there is an $procerror, Unface fires the trigger \"\"on Procerror\"\". With $proccontext the code can look at the error-source. After return == 0 (problem solved) Uniface proceeds with the proc, where the error appeared. After return < 0 Uniface ends the proc and its thread. p.s: optimal effort, if \"\"on Procerror\"\" is also at Field- and entity-level\"



Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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