UK Uniface User Event, 20 & 21 February 2013

UK Uniface User Event, 20 & 21 February 2013
Location: Coventry Transport Museum
Description: Join us on 20th & 21st February, at the Transport Museum in Coventry, home to the fastest car in the world – Thrust SSC!

‘Modernization’ is the central theme of this year’s Uniface User Conference and is currently creating a big buzz in the industry with several analyst firms talking about it. Whether you are modernizing a C/S GUI, taking an application to the Web or even integrating an application with others, this year’s conference will cover off how you can modernize your Uniface apps.

What do we have in store for you?

Wednesday 20th February, will focus on the product and business related topics mentioned above. And after a hard day’s work, you can enjoy the largest collection of British road transport in the world, including hundreds of cars, motorbikes and bicycles.
Thursday 21st February, will be hands on workshops with Uniface 9.6 where you can put the theory from Day 1 into practice! To be able to participate in the workshops you will need to:

• Bring your laptop
• Have WiFi connectivity [make sure to check your company security restrictions]
• Have the latest version of your preferred web-browser installed.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Uniface User Event, so register today!

Register to attend the conference
Register to attend the conference and workshop

Start Date: 2013-02-20
Start Time: 10:00
End Date: 2013-02-21
End Time: 15:00

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