The datetime format within Uniface has a structure that does not comply to the international ISO-8601:2004 standard

Use Case

When we integrate / interface Uniface with other systems we encounter some difficulty with the datetime format. Other systems use the ISO-8601:2004 notation (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ). We would like to be able to use this ISO standard within uniface as well. Not only to encounter the current conversion problem but also because using a standard works best for integration purposes in the future.


I consider complying to a (de facto) standard as a must. I'm now investigating an interface with the iDEAL payment process in the Netherlands and datetime formats must comply to ISO-8601:2004 standards. Furthermore, we also made a connection with Microsoft Silverlight which also demanded this format. An other advantage for international companies might be that you're able to store datetime values as UTC values and not only the system locale values.


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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