$fieldproperties(HTML)=\"UnifaceKeys=defaultkeys\" is normally to redirect a collcetion of Keys to uniface rather to the widget. (e.g. CTRL-R = Retrieve and not interpreted by the html-Widget). Since CTRL-C is something which I do not want to redirect to uniface, the defaultkeys doesn\'t make sense in most of the practical cases, where I need an html-Widget in uniface. So I will get a very big list of Keys, which should be redirected instead of \"defaultkeys\". And if someone enhance e.g. the Accelerator List in the ini-File, don\'t forget to enhance the UnifaceKeys of your widget! That is not practical. There is a need to make life easier, e.g. to exclude a couple of Keys out from the DefaultKey Setting, or defining a kind of negative list (all should be handled by uniface except: CTRL-C, CTRL-V ....) Or some Kind of additional Groups (like: DefaultKeysExceptCopy.), or Define the Defaultkeys - List once somewhere in an ini or asn-File setting. I don\'t mind, but I don\'t want to define a huge list within the code.

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2 thoughts on “uniface Defaultkeys”

  1. I think I understand your problem.
    One thing to reduce the pain is to specify the property in your ini file.
    Or your list of keys instead of defaultkeys.
    You still need to specify them, but only once in the ini file and not in proc code.
    -> Just to be clear: this is existing functionality, you can already do this.

  2. I support Wolfgangs suggestion of an additional blacklist as “NonUnifaceKeys=”

    – Allows to react on the requirements of individual HTML5 codes away from the general INI setting.
    – It seems to handle the mentioned enhancements of the INI-File well

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