At the moment, when the license check fails for any reason, Uniface generates a generic error message: Fatal error 8011 : License not available The reason for failing can be found in the log file. This message could be misleading, especially for an end user. It would be useful that Uniface could generate a more specific message with the real reason or, alternatively, to make the message amendable (ini file? asn file?)

Use Case

License check fails





Operating System

Not Applicable



2 thoughts on “Uniface DLM error message”

  1. In the same fashion:
    If the license check fails for userver, the process exits and no message is returned to the client. In my opinion, userver should not exit but return the message to the client.

  2. To get more information than just “Fatal error 8011 : License not available” use /pri=64 on the commandline (for uservers in the urouter asn file), or $ioprint=64 in the asn file. That will show you the reasons DLM has for refusing the license.

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