We need a manifest-free uniface.exe, t.i. a uniface.exe with an external uniface.exe.manifest Background: Based on the topic \\\"reg-free .NET COM with uniface on windows 7\\\", we enhanced the internal Manifest of uniface.exe. As a result, we are reg-free, there is no need to do any local registration of our enhancements. Sometimes we need an update of our functionality and we need an update of the Manifest within uniface.exe. So we take uniface.exe and with \\\"mt\\\" we are changing the entries within the manifest. As long as uniface.exe (on production) is in use, you cannot replace the exe File. Since our application works 24h a day, there is no real chance update uniface.exe with an actual enhanced manifest. Is it possible to publish a uniface.exe without manifest (and all the signs etc) and a separate uniface.exe.Manifest? So that we just can use the separate Manifest file by replacing it during an update? This is really helpful, and could reduce some already reported error situations.

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  1. Please can you contact us about this, as we do not understand what you are requesting. It sounds the opposite of what we are working towards in regards to security as we will be tightening the security of the Uniface distribution by signing the .dlls as well as the .exe files.

  2. We also want this, but the manifest can stay, but as a seperated file.

    I have read somewhere you are going to sign the uniface.exe, so changing the manifest like we do also will not longer work.
    So please remove the manifest from the exe and put it as seperated file.

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