Uniface 8 Academy Material on Uniface.info

For your convenience all Uniface 8 material from the Uniface Academy has been made available as free download on the Uniface.info website. In the Uniface Downloads/Uniface Academy folder you can find:

  1. Uniface 8 What’s new

  2. Uniface Start

  3. Uniface Component Basics

  4. Uniface Business Logic Tier 1

  5. Uniface Business Logic Tier 2

  6. Uniface Windows Presentation Tier

  7. Uniface 8 Developing for the Web

  8. Uniface 8 Web Presentation Tier 1

  9. Uniface 8 Web Presentation Tier 2

  10. Connecting To Webservices

  11. Connecting to COM (OCX)

  12. Uniface Deployment

Each training is available as archive file which contains the training in pdf or ppt format and a flyer which explains the content and the purpose of training module.The uexerc.exp contains the model and data that is used as the context for all Uniface 8 exercises. This export can be found in the Uniface 8 What’s New  training module: “ufwn.zip”. Some modules will use samples as starting point for exercises. This will be mentioned in the introduction of the exercises.

Uniface Flow training material is available in the Uniface Downloads/Uniface Flow Academy folder:

  1. Uniface Flow 8.4

  2. Application Integration with Uniface

  3. Business Process Modeling with Uniface Flow

If you have any questions about this material or other Uniface Academy content please send an e-mail to ton.blankers@compuware.com .  The Uniface Academy website will be closed later this year.

Uniface 9 APS training material is available on demand. Please contact your local Uniface account manager or support representative for details.

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