Uniface 9.5 Controlled Release

The Uniface 9.5 Beta is available as Controlled Release. Register now for the Uniface 9.5 Beta program.

The Uniface 9.5 Controlled Release provides early access to the new JavaScript API for Dynamic Server Page Components. The API enables you to manipulate Uniface data and execute logic on the browser using JavaScript, or to integrate with any third-party software that has a JavaScript API. The Uniface Lab ensures forward compatibility with newer Uniface versions for applications that are developed using Uniface 9.5 Controlled Release.

New Functionality: JavaScript API for Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications provide end–users with the experience of running a “desktop” application in a browser. Typically, Rich Internet Applications are more interactive, more responsive, and more flexible than traditional web applications. To make this interactive experience possible, Uniface 9.4 introduced a new component type called a Dynamic Server Page. Dynamic server pages enable Uniface developers to build Rich Internet Applications using their existing Uniface knowledge, without the need to learn JavaScript or XML.

But what if you require an even better responsiveness of your application? What if you want to reduce the server load by avoiding unnecessary server roundtrips so you can serve more clients with the same server environment? What if you need to integrate with JavaScript-based 3rd party software? What if, for whatever reason, you want to execute logic on the browser?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could write your JavaScript in the Uniface Development Environment (thereby making use of inheritance from Application Models, Component Templates, Include Procs, and using Defines) and execute that JavaScript on the browser?

The Uniface 9.5 Controlled Release provides all of this and more—write your JavaScript as if it were a web trigger or a web operation, access Uniface data on the browser, interact with third party software using JavaScript, create and delete occurrences in the browser.


Feedback on the Uniface 9.5 Beta can be shared at the beta discussion forum on www.uniface.info

You can report product issues in the usual way on Frontline, using the dedicated Uniface 9.5.CR product entry. The Amsterdam development team will actively monitor incoming CR calls and contact you if required.

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