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What is the purpose of the Uniface.info community website and how will your input be a key to its success.


June 2008 has been a very exciting month for the Uniface team. Next to Uniface user events in US, Belgium, Eastern Europe and Netherlands, the Uniface.info website was launched. In this BLOG I would like to explain why we launched Uniface.info, what you can expect from it and what is expected from you as community member.



The Uniface product exists now for 24 years and, as we always experience at user events, has many enthusiastic supporters in countries inAmerica, Europe, Asia andAustralia. Many professional Uniface developers have build their software careers on working with Uniface. By Uniface developers I mean people who work for companies using Uniface as development suite but also developers working in the Uniface lab, who build and maintain new and existing Uniface versions. For all these groups of developers, several communication channels already exist. Some countries with active user groups have their own website like the UUG, CBG and Face to Face and Compuware has its own channels like Frontline and Compuware.com.



Each of these channels serves its own purpose and is visited by specific groups within the Uniface community. Nobody in the Uniface community has time to visit all websites; everybody is always very busy in developing, designing, testing or documenting Uniface applications. This also implies that not all information regarding technical questions (and answers!), wishes, experiences, work arounds, available tools and relevant market and technology trends are always shared by the community.



The Uniface.info website is started to create a global communication channel for everybody who is professionally working with Uniface. Its purpose is not replace any existing Uniface websites or forums but be a global point of information and contact for all Uniface professionals.



Looking at the number of registrants (>170) in the first 4 weeks it is clear that many Uniface professionals are interested in a global Uniface website, especially if you keep in mind the new website was only announced at the user events in US, Eastern Europe and Netherlands. So don’t be surprised if you see many names from these countries when you go to the “Members” area.



These first few weeks I see as the start phase of the community website. Starting a community website is the easy part of the work these days. Keeping it alive and interesting is the next and more important step and that?s were we rely on our community members. For the Uniface Community website Compuware and the Uniface lab will take care of the basics of the website like hosting, moderating and adding new content in BLOGs, downloads, calendar and other announcements. We also have plans for implementing a global wish list application (in Uniface of course) with a voting mechanism and publish tools, utilities, presentations and training material. Look at the “Files” section for the first contributions.  Also theUnifaceAcademy material will be published on the Uniface.info site, for free.



As always with community websites, the real long-term success depends on the activities of the community members themselves. The community really starts to work when community members communicate and work with each other to find answers to their questions and give clear views on how they want the Uniface community to develop in the future.   Your active participation is crucial to have successful discussions in the forum area but also your contributions like Uniface tools and utilities will be very much appreciated by your fellow community members.



All your feedback, ideas and other contributions regarding the Uniafce community are very welcome. Also we look forward to hear how we can improve the website and what special interest areas you have for Uniface.info. Please start these discussions in the forum. I have made a special forum topic called “Uniface community” for this purpose. I would like to invite you all to use it.



Hope to speak with you soon at a Uniface user group meeting in your country, at the Uniface.info site and of course at CU2008 December 1 and 2 inAmsterdam!



Kind regards


Ton Blankers


Product Manager Uniface


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