Uniface.info status update

Uniface.info statistics and request for BLOG topics

Good news: The Uniface Community keeps on growing! Recently we have signed up community member 1300 and every month we welcome about 25 new members. Also, and even more important the number of logged in active members is increasing and is generating about 16000 page views per month.

The goal of the Uniface.info community is to share information, questions, expectations, vision about Uniface between active software development professionals. Not only sharing ideas and questions with the Compuware/Uniface development is important but many Uniface developers learn tips and tricks from each other by using the community forum. The forum contains currently over 300 topics discussing many aspects of Uniface.

For the coming months we want to add new postings from the Uniface Lab. There are many possible topics but we also want to give you the opportunity to mention topics/concepts which you would like to be discussed in a BLOG posting from the Uniface Team or yourselves.

BLOG postings are personal and don’t always need to represent 100% the companies ideas. So if you want to share with the rest of the world that your company is very lucky as it only needs 2 Uniface developers to maintain a complex business critical application, you are more than welcome. Feel free to comment to this topic and mention what you want to be discussed and why.

Kind regards,

Ton Blankers

Uniface Client Manager

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