Uniface University Goes LIVE

Uniface University – Phase 1 is now ready for general use @ http://training.uniface.com .

Dear All,

It is our great pleasure to announce that Uniface Online Training site (Uniface University – Phase 1) has been completed and is now available @ http://training.uniface.com for general use.

Below, we tried to answer some common questions regarding UnifaceU but please feel free to ask further questions by commenting on this article.

What is Uniface University?

UnifaceU is an online training facility we developed to support Uniface developers across the World. The site has been developed using Moodle technology (see http://moodle.org/ for more information). Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System used by educational institutions in 212 countries speaking over 78 languages.

What is Phase 1?

The phase 1 part of the project was primarily intended to provide support for new developers interested in learning Uniface (Community Edition is available through www.uniface.info ). Phase 1 of the project delivers basic Fundamental courses/modules (these are completely FREE to all registered users), which we feel are sufficient to get new developers started with Uniface. Please note that these courses are in no way intended to replace full Uniface Foundation course.

What will users find here now?

Registered users will have access to a number of courses (a collection of books and video tutorials) as well as the knowledge quizzes. In addition, the Events Calendar includes scheduled courses, descriptions and instructions on how to book courses through our Cloud based training offering.

Is this site available in multiple languages?

Currently UnifaceU site is available in English language only. Future plans include multi-lingual support.

What level of support will we provide on this site?

Currently, all training support questions/enquiries will go to the uniface.training@compuware.com mail box, supervised by several Uniface trainers.

What future developments can we expect on this site?

This site will be constantly updated with new materials and offerings based on the feedback from our customers as well as our internal product strategy.

We hope this you will all find this new initiative (one of many to come) beneficial and we look forward to your feedback/suggestions.

Thank You.

The Uniface Training Team

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