Uniface Wishes Report Jan 12th 2010

January 12th, 2010 Report on Uniface wish list


On July 9th 2009 the Wishlist application went live. As promised this is the first report on Uniface wishes. Every 12 (was 6) months the Uniface Lab will publish a report containing the most important changes to “open” wishes, a wish “top 10” and what the plans are to implement wishes in the next Uniface version.

Since the start of the wishlist application in total 84 wishes have been received. The voting mechanism of the Community website has been used to create the following wish “Top 10 Jan 2010”

1.    Have the possibility to interrupt a Uniface process. (Gerton)

2.    Support for Regular expressions (Sochaz)

3.    Open Hitlist / Pagination (GHAN)

4.    Code sensitive in UDE (apicaud)

5.    Color Management in uniface 9.x (gypsilon)

6.    More detailed results in ‘Find proc in component (FiresongKt)

7.    System environment variables in assignment file (GMockford)

8.    Goto definition for procedure calls and operations (ishankter)

9.    Grid dynamic column resize/hide/show/move (addice)

10.  Drag & drop support on gridwidget(Lammersma)

Many wishes are in areas of Uniface which are related. We have defined the following functional categories for these wishes:

·         GUI. Many wishes relate to enhancing how fields, labels and data are displayed in Uniface forms. The Grid widget itself has about 8 wishes.

·         Web RIA. Although the functionality is still in beta, many wishes already relate to functionality offered by the new DSP components. Item nr 3 in the top 10 is a clear example of a requirement for this theme.

·         Unicode. Globalization is a big thing for Uniface applications. In Uniface 9.1 Unicode was introduced and there are a number of wishes to extend this functionality and make all database drivers Unicode enabled.

·         Database drivers. Vendors like Oracle and Microsoft continue to improve their DBMS products. The Uniface drivers need to be adjusted to support the new functionality.

·         Uniface Proc Language. This is one of the core areas of Uniface and every Uniface developer uses the language every day. Enhancements in this area can be very beneficial for development productivity and should always be implemented without disturbing upwards compatibility.

·         Integration. Webservices are a key functionality in every modern Uniface application for integration with other applications or services.

·         Uniface Development Environment. This is the Uniface workbench which is used to build Uniface applications.

The wishes in these categories cover about 90% of all open wishes.

As Uniface 9.4 will become available in March 2010 and the Lab is currently prioritizing which wishes will be implemented in Uniface 9.5. For Uniface 9.5 the main focus will be on GUI (Grid), Web RIA, Unicode and Database Drivers.

In the coming weeks all wishes on the Uniface wishlist will get a number assigned, a status update and an added “Comment” field which will contain additional information, workarounds or requests for more specific info.

Duplicate wishes will be closed. Wishes Solved in Uniface 9.4 will be set to “Planned for next Uniface version”.


If additional discussion of a wish is expected we will attach a forum topic to the wish where other Uniface.info user can react to comments or add information themselves.

If a wish gets the status “Closed” the reason will also be noted in the Comment field.

All communication and information in the application and forum on wish implementation, is about planning for future releases, no rights or commitments can be derived from it.


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