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The Uniface wish list.


Over the last months the Uniface Community Web site has proven to be a tool which works very well as a global information and discussion area for the worldwide Uniface community.  Since the CU2008 we have seen a continuously growing number of Uniface developers joining the community every month. Without an external ad-campaign but with enthusiastic user stories at Uniface user events, the community now has more than 725 members. Over the last month also the number of page views doubled.

As presented at the 2009 Uniface user events, it is now time to make the next step for the Uniface Community website; the "Uniface Wish List application".

The "Uniface Wish List" application allows all community members to bring their wishes to the attention of the complete Uniface community including the Uniface-Compuware organization. The wish list application is a unique opportunity not only to share and vote for wishes but also for discussing the requested Uniface functionality with your fellow community members. In these discussions it may become clear that other community members like your wish but want to see it implemented maybe in a different way. In order to facilitate discussions each wish will be connected to a unique discussion topic in the Uniface Wish forum entry. Work arounds or supporting statements from other community members can be discussed there. When entering a wish please be prepared for active discussions and questions from fellow community members. The wishes forum will be moderated and feedback from the Lab will be given when appropriate.

Of course, some of these wishes are a matter of resources, request and taste–thus do not be disappointed if your wish gets rejected. To avoid this you should describe the requested wish as understandable as possible and always talk about the benefit of the requested functionality for the other users. With the implementation of wishes the details of how the new functionality is implemented is crucial. Each wish will therefore also require an extensive description of how a Uniface developer or end-user will use the requested functionality. Without a step by step description of the new usage of the new functionality the wish will not be accepted for further review. The field for this information is "Use Case".

In order to have an objective indication on the priority of wishes each wish has been given a voting button which allows other community members to show their interest in the described functionality. The voting results will be used to identify the most requested functionality by the community. Every 6 months the Lab will release a publication which shows the most important changes to the open wishes. This list will include which wishes have received most votes in the last 6 months and will show what the trends for new incoming wishes are. To make these changes visible a wish Top 10 will be published. This publication will include feedback from the Lab about which wishes are planned and which are rejected and why. If no decision was taken the wish will stay open.


In future user meetings the Uniface Product Tour presentation will contain an overview of status changes and which wishes have made it into the "Planned" status.

All communication and information in the application and forum on wish implementation, is about planning for future releases, no rights or commitments can be derived from it.

How to work with the Uniface Wish List Application.

To enter the wishlist applications go to the "Uniface wishes" link on the left menu of the home page of the Uniface community and click on "Uniface wishes". The next form presents a list of all new Uniface wishes. A drop down box allows you to choose for a different overview.

The rest of the application is quite self explanatory. If you have questions the Help button conatins the info you need.

To help entering the correct data for a new wish here is a list of the information that needs to be completed before the wish is put on "Open". As long as this information has not been reviewed by a forum moderator (volunteers are always welcome!) the status of the wish stays as "New"

Short Description(*):One liner describing your wish in keywords.

Description(*): Extensive description of the required functionality. If your wish concerns 3rd party technology, like a wish for a supporting a new database version, please specify vendor name, exact (sub)version number, 32/64 bits, Uniface version and OS (sub) version.

Use case(*): Please enter a bulleted list how the requested functionality should work for a Uniface developer or end user of a Uniface application. This information is extremely important in order to understand the exact requirement and to make sure the implementation is according to the expectation of the originator. Without this information the wish will not be accepted for review.

Importance(*): Explain why this wish is important for you and what the benefits are for other Uniface users.


New:                                                    This wish was just entered into the system.


Open:                                                   This wish has a forum discussion topic assigned to it.


Under review:                                      This wish is being reviewed


Planned for future Uniface version:     This wish will be implemented in a future Uniface version. The planned version number will be published in the relevant discussion  topic of this wish.


Not planned:                                        This wish will not be implemented in a Uniface version. The reason for this status is explained in the discussion forum.

Closed:                                                This wish has been implemented in an existing Uniface version.

Type(*):A list of Uniface areas helping to locate the improvement area. Sometimes more then one area will apply some no area applies, in that case please choose "Other" In case your request is a currency item (new database version or platform OS) please fill in the platform, database and Uniface version fields. If you are requesting multiple combinations please specify a request for each combination.

Web link: Please supply web link if you have an on-line demo or test set of the requested information.

3rd party technology(*): Requested support for 3rd party Technology like databases etc. If the version number is not in this list please supply it in description of the request.

Operating System(*): Fill in your OS please.

Wish number: Wish number. To be filled in by Wish Administrator

Originated by(*): Originator of the wish.

E-mail(*): Please supply e-mail address where you can be reached to discuss any further questions on this topic.

(*): Mandatory.

Keep in mind this is version 0.8 of the wish list application. There will defintely be fine tuning required on both the application and wish process. These enhancements will be entered on a case by case basis and will include updates to this document. Please send your feedback on the wish procedure and the application as comments to this article.


Look forward to your wishes and discussions contributing to the next 25 years of Uniface!


Kind regards


Ton Blankers

Product Manager Uniface


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