It would be really nice to have $status (or $result) updated with the actual number of replaces done when using $replace.

Use Case

Two cases; If I\'d like to know the number of lines in a text field, I could use this; vs_txt = $replace(vs_txt, 1, \"%%^\", \"%%^\", -1) If I\'d like to know the number of \'s in a document, vs_txt = $replace(vs_txt, 1, \"\", \"\", -1)


Nice to have


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



One thought on “Update $status from $replace”

  1. Hi Knut,in your case you are not really replacing because old and new are the same and we all know that dealing with long strings does not perform well in uniface especially if it comes to manipulating the string. So wouldn’t it be better to ask for a new command like “$matches”, perhaps with an option for regex and case-independend searches ?

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