Update Uniface.info site

Welcome to the renewed Uniface.info. Our goal for the new site is to implement the functionality based on your feedback and wishes for the Uniface community site.

We leave it up to you how well this has been accomplished.

The mot important update is the Uniface blog, where several contributors throughout the Uniface world will share their knowledge, views, opinions and thoughts on Uniface topics and IT trends. The Uniface team starts Blogging as of this week. Enjoy the posts and feel free to comment on them.

Most of the information from the previous site has been migrated but some work still has o be done in the coming days:

  • Complete User profile information like pictures and websites
  • Wish list application plus data.

If you find anything else missing please let us know.

One of the benefits of the new website is that we can implement your wishes much quicker than with the previous one, so we look forward to your feedback in the forum and reactions to this blog.

Kind regards

The Uniface Team

2 thoughts on “Update Uniface.info site”

  1. Hello Compuware,

    I’m fairly new to Uniface (though not to Software Development) so I’d like to see some training material or links. Books seem to be very hard to find about Uniface. Any information to sharpen my skills would be greatly appreciated.

    As an aside, I used to work for Compuware in Detroit in the early 90’s. Great company.


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