It is possible to qualify global procedures by this syntax :: It would be a great extension for UnifAce if all global objects could have a \"scope resolution operator\" :: :: :: ...

Use Case

Assumption, there is a globale menu item which have to read a global variable. Current component is in LIB_A Variable is in LIB_A (as it will set by a component assigned to LIB_A) Component, which sets the menu bar is in LIB_B Menu is defined in libray LIB_B (elsewhere it could not be set by a component assigned to LIB_B) -- LIB_B::MENU -- IF( LIB_A::$$IS_ALLOWED) reset $disable ELSE set $disable ENDIF


High, as it is not possible to use two libries in a proper way


Proc Code

Operating System

Not Applicable



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