Add a command to flush the current contents of $webinfo() back to the browser before all of the processing within the request has completed. Most web requests (both SSP and DSP) have some housekeeping code to do at the end of the request, eg. saving state, logging, temp file cleanup. It would be nice if the browser did not have to wait for these activities and could receive content sooner rather than later. Currently we are doing some of this work by invoking an async server, but this is a pretty heavyweight approach.

Use Case

\\\"It is desirable for web clients to receive the results of a request as soon as possible. It is not necessary for the browser to wait for cleanup code that has no bearing of the generated result. $webinfo(\\\"\\\"output\\\"\\\") = sOutput $webinfo(\\\"\\\"status\\\"\\\") = 200 webflush , This code does not change the output, why should the browser wait? call tidy_up call log_request\\\"


Have to make web requests as fast as possible, and need to return content as soon as possible.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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  1. A webflush command might also be a mechanism for supporting streaming of content – multiple webflush commands are allowed within one request. This might also enable support for COMET based applications.

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