If you have a long list of local procs in a form. Make a change to something in the middle/end. Compile, the cursor will go to the top of the trigger again. Would be much nicer if it stayed where it was.

Use Case

User is editing code. Compiles. Cursor goes to top of code instead of staying where it was.




Uniface 4GL

Operating System

Not Applicable



3 thoughts on “When compiling stop going to top of trigger”

  1. This is unfortunately too big a change to implement in Uniface 9.
    Uniface 10 uses a different code editor and this stays in the same position when you compile.
    The people who joined our Uniface 10 workshops in Amsterdam and Las Vegas have seen this.

  2. start FLAME … well, this is one of the biggest change of the “new” IDE in Uniface 9… FLAME end

    As we migrated to the latest Uniface and lab do not want to fix this bug, we found out a workaround… you have to *store* and then compile. It is still quite stupid, that cursor moves to the bottom of the screen, but at least it stays where it is. If you just compile, Uniface auto saves the code and teleports you to the top of the trigger.

    Really, try saving before compiling, it might help you a lot.

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