For hot patching, it would be useful to be able to enter [RESOURCE] resourcespatch*.uar and have Uniface load in the matched files in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first). This would avoid having to change the asn files to get a new patch loaded with the system.

Use Case

When upgrading a running system, add a new .uar with the patched objects to the relevant folder. Any new uniface processes then see the new patch as they initialise rather than having to change an asn.


We currently have patches roll out automatically. In order to allow for \'beta\' testing of these, certain customers get them the following morning, and the rest get them three days later. If we patch more than once every three days, the .uar files are rolled out, but the accompanying .asn isn\'t and the user never sees the patch.



Operating System

Not Applicable



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