"Due to accessibility requirements, we to implement the label functionality to enable a user to mouse click a label and this moves the cursor into the associated field. This would be for static server pages. In html this looks like: We tried this in uniface 9 but it did not work - here is the source we tried: "

Use Case

Having the label in the markup enables an end user to be able to click on the label with the mouse and it gets focus into the associated field. We have a number of customers with disabled users for whom this would be a good enhancement. The developer should have to do anything. The markup generator could be changed to add in the label tag and the for attribute could be set to the name of the field??? This wish is only for web applications.


It would enable other customers with web applications to take advantage of accessibility functionality in XHTML.


Uniface Web (USP/DSP/Services)

Operating System

Not Applicable



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